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Fleet Safety

The Fleet Safety program promotes a heightened level of safety awareness and responsible driving behavior of everyone operating a vehicle on Auburn University business. Risk Management and Safety can provide expert advice on many fleet safety topics, including rental car use, charter bus rental, and what to do in case of an accident.


About Fleet Safety

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Driving for Auburn

Driver Qualifications Policy

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12 - 15 Passenger Vans

Specialized Resources

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Non-conventional Vehicles

Golf and Utility Carts

Fleet Safety Manual

Guide for Safe Operation


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What is Fleet Safety?
Ensuring safe automobile use for Auburn University business is crucial for our sustainable and efficient operations. Accidents can be costly financially and in terms of potential injuries or property damage. That’s why we’ve got this manual, which is your go-to guide for safe driving practices when paired with the Auburn University Driver Qualification Policy.

We expect all drivers to act professionally and courteously, following the guidelines outlined in the manual. Failure to do so could lead to disciplinary action, including losing driving privileges.

Only individuals meeting the requirements in the Driver Qualification Policy should drive for University business, which includes activities performed on behalf of Auburn University or within assigned duties.

Special vehicles like 12 and 15-passenger vans and non-conventional ones like golf or utility carts have additional requirements for operation.

Our Fleet Safety program is here to promote heightened safety awareness and responsible driving behavior. We offer expert advice on fleet safety topics, including car use, charter bus rental, and accident procedures.

Key features of the Fleet Safety program include loss control measures such as annual random motor vehicle report reviews, safety inspections, and targeted claims analysis. We also provide education through online driver safety courses, with additional training available upon request. Instructions for these courses are on the Risk Management & Insurance website under “Fleet Safety Training.”


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