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Risk Management & Safety

Risk Management & Safety
1161 W. Samford Ave., Bldg. 9
Auburn, AL 36849

The mission of Risk Management and Safety (RMS) is to protect people, the environment, property, and financial and other resources, in support of Auburn University’s teaching, research, outreach and student services. This is accomplished by:

  • Understanding the needs and priorities of the university community and partnering with key stakeholders
  • Developing materials and resources to provide guidance to the university community
  • Providing education through training and consultation
  • Assisting the university community with regulatory compliance by identifying opportunities to improve the safety of the university community
  • Leadership through integrity, credibility and technical excellence
  • Providing quality services in a professional and responsive manner

RMS is comprised of several safety departments, including Environmental Health and SafetyLaboratory and Radiation SafetyRisk Management and Insurance, and Safety and Health Programs. For questions, concerns or help finding what you need on our website, please visit the RMS Staff Directory.

Risk Management and Insurance

— minimizing the impact of loss to Auburn University

Report a Claim

— report a new claim or incident

On-the-Job-Injury Benefits Program

— protect employees from financial hardship caused by on-the-job injuries or illnesses.

Laboratory and Research Safety

— assistance for biological and chemical safety.

Lab Safety Manual

— Continuity Guidance for Laboratories and Research Facilities


— The Research Management Platform

Environmental Health and Safety

— dedicated to ensuring a safe, healthful environment for the Auburn University community.

Waste Management

— understanding accepted chemical, medical and universal waste management practices at Auburn University

Storm Water Management

— reduce the discharge of pollutants contained in storm water runoff through the implementation of best management practices

Safety and Health Programs

— create a culture where safety and health are core values adopted and practiced throughout all levels of the university.

Campus Fire Safety Month

— an initiative founded by the Center for Campus Fire Safety to raise fire and life safety awareness on campuses.

Respirator Program

— The control of potential health hazards caused by contaminated breathing air

About the Office

Director’s Welcome

Auburn University Risk Management and Safety is committed to providing a safe education and work environment. We work closely with university personnel and other stakeholders to promote a safe and healthy environment for employees, students and visitors while the university conducts world class research, education, and outreach. Our staff is comprised of highly qualified technical experts, scientists, administrators, and technicians who apply their knowledge and expertise in assisting the university community to meet their goals. Risk Management and Safety is divided into four program areas: Environmental Health & Safety, Laboratory & Radiation Safety, Risk Management & Insurance, and Safety and Health Programs.

We provide many services to the university including consultations, training, loss prevention, loss control surveys, and insurance procurement and management.

We invite you to explore our web site to become familiar with some of the resources and services we offer. Please do not hesitate to contact us if we can be of assistance.


Chris A. O’Gwnn, ’94, ARM

Executive Director, Risk Management and Safety