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Strategic Business Operations Forms

State Government Contract Addendum (“SGCA”)

The State Government Contract Addendum is utilized to bring contract terms into legal compliance with Auburn University’s requirements as a state government entity. Before presenting a contract for review and signature, please obtain the appropriate SGCA for your use and have the contracting entity sign.

State Government Contract Addendum – general
This SGCA should be utilized in conjunction with most contracts.

State Government Contract Addendum – software
This SGCA should be utilized for software licenses.

State Government Contract Addendum – hotel and venue
This SGCA should be utilized for the rental of hotel, venue, or event space.

State Government Contract Addendum – storage facility
This SGCA should be utilized for the lease of space within a storage facility

Alabama Disclosure Statement (Vendor Disclosure Statement)

A new, notarized Alabama Disclosure Statement (also known as a “Vendor Disclosure Statement) is required for each contract that exceeds $5,000.00.

Credit Application Response

As a state government entity, Auburn University does not complete credit applications. The attached packet is utilized as an alternative and provides similar business and reference information for the university.

Memorandum on Governing Law, Indemnification, and Arbitration.

The memorandum explains the legal authority and rational behind Auburn’s prohibition against (1) subjecting the university to the governing law, jurisdiction, or venue of another state, (2) agreeing to indemnify, defend, or hold harmless another party, and (3) subjecting the university to arbitration.