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Students who continue to fail to pay their past-due balances will eventually be placed with Auburn’s Collections Office.

AU Collections will send an email notification informing you of your past-due, and that if you do not make contact back with AU Collections and make payment towards your past-due, that your account will be placed with an Outside Collection Agency, who may add up to an additional 40% of charges towards the amount owed and the debt will be reported on your Credit Report.

If you do set up an arrangement with AU Collections, any Financial Hold that prevents registration to classes or access to transcripts will remain in place, until the past-due has been PAID IN FULL.

  • AU Collections will need to be informed of your current and correct mailing address and phone number. It is your responsibility to update AU Collections of any changes.
  • Each office on campus is responsible for their own charges; If you need specific information regarding a charge, or you need to dispute a charge, please contact the relevant office. (Link/image/list)
  • You will not receive a paper bill from the University for your Past-due charges. The due dates and the amounts will be the due dates and amounts that were negotiated and agreed upon.
  • Auburn systematically generates late fees on accounts with past-dues at the rate of 1.5% per month. We can help with the late fees by reversing them off of your account once you have established a good payment history (i.e. making your payments on time & in the amount agreed for a minimum of 4 months).
  • If at any time you can no longer log in to your ebill through AU Access, please contact our office for alternative payment methods. Inability to log in does not mean your bill is paid in full nor does it mean it has been placed with an outside agency. It is not an acceptable excuse for not making your payment(s).