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Billing Information

Only students and designated Authorized Users (Parents, Guardians, Employers and others that the student has given permission to access their eBill.) may make a payment or review a bill using the eBill system.

View Your Bill

Student bills are available exclusively online through the eBill system. Email messages are generated to a student’s Auburn University email address along with any authorized user when statements are generated. To insure you receive all billing emails, follow the Email Notification Procedure.

Students must check their eBill monthly.

Students can access eBill as follows:

  1. Log in to AU Access
  2. Select the My Finances tab.
  3. Select the eBill logo.

Students can visit the IT Survival Guide for Students to learn more.

Authorized users can access the student’s bill via eBill using their email address and password.

  • If your email address/login is not working, please verify what email address was used when setting up your account.

If you are having login issues and cannot access your bill online, please contact the Help Desk at 334-844-4944 or