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Alabama State Military/Veteran Benefits

This page is specific to benefits awarded from the State of Alabama to Service Members and their dependents.  If you need assistance with Federal Veterans Affairs Benefits, please visit the Veterans Resource Center’s website here. 

If you are also a New or Current Student, please be sure to review the information on this page as well.
If you are also a New or Current Parent, please be sure to review the information on this page as well. 

The Alabama GI Dependent Scholarship (ALGI) benefit is awarded to dependents of veterans living in the State of Alabama.  Click here for more information. 

The Alabama National Guard Education Assistance Program (ANGEAP) is awarded to eligible students that serve in the Alabama National Guard or the Alabama Air National Guard.  Click here  for more information.  

The Alabama GI Dependent Scholarship (ALGI) Program Benefits 

For information about who qualifies for the Alabama GI Dependent Scholarship Program, please visit the Alabama Department of Veterans Affairs page here 

Beginning in Fall 2024, for applications received by the VA after 7/31/2017, the AL GI Tuition Benefit is the Payer of Last Resort. 

  • Any grants, scholarships, Post 9/11, etc. (but not loans) must be used first for required education expenses. After that, AL GI will pay up to $400 per credit hour for undergraduate courses of study at the in-state tuition rate, and up to $1,000 per semester for the combination of required textbooks and instructional fees. 
  • If the student meets all requirements set by AL GI, (FAFSA, SAP, FERPA Release), AU will post the AL GI tuition benefit after tuition charges/ credit hours are locked-in, after the 15th class day of the semester (for summer semesters, the 5th class day of the 2nd mini-mester). However, students will be able to get their required textbooks at the university bookstore, beginning on the first class day.  
  • The university will post a Penny Memo, preventing holds and late fees, until the AL GI tuition benefit is posted each semester, after tuition charges/ credit hours are locked-in, after the 15th class day of the semester (for summer semesters, the 5th class day of the 2nd mini-mester).  Payment for the amount not covered by AL GI should be made according to AU’s billing schedule. 
  • AL GI does not cover the $250 Admissions Deposit. 
  • AL GI does not cover the Dining Plan, although the base plan is included in the required educational expenses benefit calculation 
  • AL GI does not cover the College of Business Professional Fee, the Engineering Fee, or the Interior Design Fee, although it is included in the required educational expenses benefit calculation 
  • AL GI does not cover Room or Board 

AL GI covers the required/mandatory textbook for each class 

  • No supplies; only the required textbook/ All Access Course Materials for each class in which students are enrolled each semester. 
  • Students should get books at the AU Bookstore located in the Haley Center. 
  • Students may pre-order/reserve your textbooks on-line at the AU Bookstore,  Take the class schedule and books to the scholarship desk and advise the cashier that the student has the AL G.I. Dependent Scholarship. The student will then sign bookstore receipt for books. 
  • If the AU Bookstore happens to not have a book, buy the book at any bookstore or website, take the receipt to the AU Bookstore the same day or next day, and they will reimburse student for the cost of the book, but they will not reimburse sales tax/ shipping the student paid at another store/ website. 
  • Note: If you drop a class before the 15th/ 5th class day, and you have already gotten the textbook, you should return the textbook to the university bookstore, so the state VA can be credited for the purchase. 

After these credits are posted to the students’ accounts, the eBill balance will need to be paid by the next due date of the billing cycle to avoid any late fees/ financial holds.  Please see the first due dates below: 

  • Fall Semester October 5th  
  • Spring Semester March 5th  
  • Summer Semester August 5th 
 The Alabama National Guard Education Assistance Program (ANGEAP) 

ANGEAP is a program that aids Alabama National Guard members in earning a degree.  Eligibility Requirements are established by Alabama Administrative Code, Chapter 300-4-4.  Please refer to the Administrative Code when reviewing the requirements for the program. Eligibility for ANGEAP will be determined by the following: the service member’s designated Education Services Officer (ESO), the Alabama Commission of Higher Education (ACHE), and Auburn University. 


  • An ANGEAP Application must be completed each semester, and then submitted using the Submission Form.  Additional Information will be gathered in the Submission Form.  Links are provided below.
  • Application –  ANGEAP Application 
  • Submission Form – Submission Form
  • A Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) must be completed for every Academic year.  Academic years begin in August, and end in July.  Below is a link to the Federal Student Aid website where the FAFSA may be filled out.  It may take up to 10 business days for FAFSA information to be submitted to Auburn University by the Department of Education. 
  • – 
  • Courses must count towards your degree.  Tuition charged for courses that are not approved for your degree will be deducted from your ANGEAP request when it is calculated. 

GPA Requirements and General Information: 

  • For ANGEAP – Must maintain at least a 2.0 cumulative GPA (3.0 or greater is required for students at the graduate level) at the end of each semester for ANGEAP Benefits. 
    • ANGEAP is a payer of last resort, meaning any Grants, Scholarships, Tuition Assistance, Federal and State Benefits, ROTC Benefits, CH 33(Post 9/11), GI Dependent Scholarship, or any other educational benefits awarded for the purposes of paying towards tuition will deduct from any ANGEAP calculations.  Adjustments for ANGEAP payments may occur during the semester, or after the semester has ended. 
  • Loans, PACT contributions, work-study programs, and Chapter 1606 and Chapter 35 benefits will not deduct from any ANGEAP calculations. 
  • For ANGEAP and Academic Excellence Benefits – Must have graduated High School with a GPA greater than 3.5 and must maintain a collegiate cumulative GPA of at least 3.0.
    • Academic Excellence benefits in excess of tuition charges will be paid out once Auburn University receives the payment from ACHE after the semester has ended. 

Auburn University ANGEAP Submission deadlines:

  • Fall 2024 – TBD
  • Spring 2025 – TBD
  • Summer 2025 – TBD

Why am I not receiving ANGEAP for the Summer semester?

If you have received the maximum semester amount for both Fall and Spring semester, then you have reached the Annual maximum amount that can be awarded and you will have to find alternative means to fund your Summer term.  The Annual maximum amount resets every Fall semester. 

Why was my ANGEAP payment adjusted?

If it is a Spring or Summer semester, then your ANGEAP was adjusted either due to a change in your schedule, or a change in your other benefits.  Changes and reviews are conducted manually and scheduled reviews will occur before the semester begins, after the 15th class day, and after payment has been received from ACHE. 

Will ANGEAP cover Auburn Abroad?

No. Because Auburn Abroad charges a program fee rather than tuition.  You will be responsible for the program fee. 

Why am I receiving emails telling me to fill out the FAFSA when I have completed the FAFSA?

Be sure that you have completed the FAFSA application for the current, not the upcoming Academic Year.  Additionally, it may take up to 10 business days for our records to update showing your FAFSA has been completed.  

My ANGEAP was recently reduced due to me reducing my courseload. When will I have to pay that amount?

Any adjusted amount will be due on the due date of the next billing statement.  You may find Auburn University’s billing schedule at the link HERE.  You may keep your balance at $0.00 for peace of mind, or you may pay when you are billed a statement.  But once a statement has been generated, a due date will be created for the charges on that statement.  Any amount due that is unpaid after the due date will be subject to a 1.5% late fee and a registration hold on the account.