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Online Training

The majority of online trainings are now tracked and offered through BioRAFT. Please visit to see a full course directory.

The BioRAFT Training Course Directory also lists specific courses that are currently only available for lecture-style or in-person offerings.

The previously used Occupational Health and Safety (OHS) Training system is no longer supported by Auburn University Office of Information Technology (OIT).

Auburn University Risk Management and Safety is working tirelessly to update and transition trainings from the OHS system to BioRAFT. This includes a reevaluation of previous trainings, creating more individualized and Auburn-specific trainings, and developing additional supplemental training materials (such as video tutorials).

We appreciate your feedback and patience as we transition trainings to BioRAFT.

Not every individual on Auburn’s campus will use BioRaft as part of their day-to-day functions, duties, and responsibilities. Some larger campus-wide trainings (such as Driver Safety Fundamentals) will be offered through an outside service or housed in a separate Learning Management System (such as Canvas).

For additional information or questions regarding Online Training through Auburn University Risk Management and Safety, please contact Kevin Ives (

Current Course Directory:

Biological Safety

Environmental Health and Safety

Laboratory Safety

Radiation & Laser Safety

Safety and Health

AHPP Training

Driver Training