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Environmental Health & Safety

The Environmental Health & Safety Department is dedicated to ensuring a safe, healthful environment for the Auburn University community.

Our mission is to responsibly foster an atmosphere in which human health and the university environment are safeguarded through education, regulatory compliance, and natural resource preservation and management. In this way, the department helps move the university toward achieving its sustainability goals. A few of our key services include:

  • Chemical, biological and pathological waste management
  • Stormwater management
  • Environmental compliance management
  • Hazardous materials spill response
  • Dangerous goods shipping

Laboratory & Radiation Safety

We are a resource for safety policies, procedures, training and education, technical consultation and compliance assistance for biological, radiological and chemical safety.

The mission of the Laboratory & Radiation Safety Department is to support and advance the instructional research and outreach programs of Auburn University by promoting a positive safety culture, and helping to create safe and healthful conditions for students, employees and visitors.

A few of our key services include:

  • Lab safety services
  • Hazardous chemical management
  • Research compliance support
  • Academic accreditation support for university academic units

Our particular program areas include Biological SafetyChemical SafetyLab Safety and Radiation Safety.

Risk Management & Insurance

Risk Management and Insurance (RMI) manages Auburn University’s property and casualty insurance needs and requirements.

This includes insurance pricing and procurement; structuring of self-insured retention and excess insurance layers; plus claim adjudication. Additionally, RMI works closely with each university entity in the identification and mitigation of risks in general, including risks such as personal injury, crime and property loss. Other RMI responsibilities include administration of the University’s On-The-Job Injury Program (OJI); oversight of Threat Assessment issues; and collaboration with the Office of International Education on international risks to overseas safety for all AU travelers.

The mission of the Risk Management & Insurance Department is to provide support for education, research and outreach while reducing risks and minimizing the impact of loss to Auburn University. Some of our key services include:

  • Risk assessment and consultation
  • Risk financing
  • Claim management

Risk management services to affiliated AU entities, such as Auburn University Montgomery campus; Alabama 4-H Center; student groups, interns and students traveling abroad; Auburn University Foundation; Tigers Unlimited Foundation; and Auburn Research & Technology Foundation

Safety & Health

Providing high quality consultation, program development, information and training, and periodic reviews of safety and health practices, as well as, compliance regulations.

The mission of Safety & Health is to create a culture where safety and health are core values adopted and practiced throughout all levels of the university.

Some of our key services include:

  • Providing general campus safety under such areas as fire and life safety, worker protection, industrial hygiene, animal safety, and student and visitor safety
  • Compliance and accreditation support for campus departments
  • Occupational safety
  • Indoor air quality recommendations
  • Special event safety to include such areas as on-campus athletic events, concerts and graduation, and protocols for food safety handling.