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Asset Management

Mission Statement
Surplus Property:

Our mission is to ensure the proper accounting and reporting for the acquisition, surplus, and disposition of the University’s fixed assets and other property in compliance with all university, state, and federal policies and guidelines. We are committed to providing superior customer service to our customers within and outside of the University, fostering a culture of accountability and resource optimization within our campus community.


Asset Management provides support services to the University community to facilitate the management and disposal of tangible property AU possesses. Our services include:
• Auditing of all University property on an annual basis
• Tagging & inventorying all University assets as they are deployed to the campus community
• Scheduling and collection of excess property
• Inventory & warehousing of items received
• Advertisement & resale to other AU units & the general public
• Advertisement & transfer to Alabama public schools & government agencies

Financial Reporting has converted to the e-journal system. Paper forms should only be used when pre-approved by the Controller’s office.

Asset Management brings the University into compliance with State law regarding the disposition of property, as well as contributing to the overall efficiency of the University, provides for the continued use of State funded equipment by assisting other Alabama public entities with their equipment needs, and generates additional revenue it might not otherwise receive.

All Surplus requests must be made through the Property Transfer application in SSB Finance tab. If you do not have access, please contact Information Systems Support at 844-5651.


What are your office hours?

Asset Management’s office hours and warehouse viewing hours are as follows:
Monday through Friday
7:45am – 4:45pm

Where is Asset Management located?

Our office is located at 1415 Pumphrey Avenue, Auburn University, AL. Visit our Directions/Map page for maps and detailed directions.

Transfer Property

How do I send surplus property to Asset Management?

Departments wishing to transfer excess or unwanted equipment to Surplus Property may do so by preparing a Property Transfer through the Auburn University Property Transfer System found in Self Service Banner.  To have surplus service, please follow: Self-Service -> Finance -> Property Transfer -> Surplus Service.

Visit our Transfer Application page for training videos and documents that explain aspects of the transfer process.

What steps should I take before I transfer an old refrigerator/freezer that is no longer useful?

If an old refrigerator/freezer need to be sent for disposal, all refrigerants must be removed from the equipment before Asset Management can collect the item.

How do I transfer laboratory equipment that may be hazardous?

A Laboratory Equipment Decontamination Form is to be filled by a laboratory researcher/employee knowledgeable of the hazardous materials used in the equipment. Visit the Laboratory Equipment Decontamination Form for detailed instructions and the form.

How do I transfer computers or other electronic devices?

Computers and other electronic devices with memory storage require a departmental certificate verifying that all of its computing devices have been cleaned of sensitive data by office personnel and are safe for transfer. To learn more and access the form, visit our Electronic Data Disposal Verification page.

Who can get surplus items from Asset Management?

Any Auburn University, AUM, Extension, and any other State of Alabama government agency (municipalities, school districts, fire responders, etc) is welcome to visit our warehouse.  Please note non-profit organizations do not qualify to receive AU Surplus items.

What is the Public School Transfer Program?

Procedures are in place to allow for much greater availability of surplus items to Alabama public schools.  All Alabama public schools will be invited on an annual basis to visit our warehouse and select items that may be useful throughout the school year.  Please call 334-844-4984 to schedule an appointment.
Learn more about Public School Transfer Program

Campus Sales

Is there specific Surplus Property only available to campus departments?

Yes, you may review the available property at our secure Campus ONLY property listing.  Please note that while this listing is regularly updated, some items may not be available due to timing.

An item our department sent as Surplus has been sold; will my department receive any of the proceeds from the sale?

Yes!  If your surplus items sell, a portion of the proceeds are given back to departments on a bi-annual basis for campus sales, and weekly for public sales.

Public Sales

Can I purchase a surplus item for personal use?

Asset Management cannot make a direct sale to any individual.  Any item sold to the public must be done through an auction process.  Auburn University uses a third party, GovDeals, for all public auctions.

What items are available for public sale?

Please visit Gov Deals to view all items currently at auction.


Where do I register my departments new vehicle/golf cart on campus?

Per Auburn University Parking Services policy, all vehicles must be registered.  Follow the steps at this like to register your vehicle.

How do I apply for a vehicle title?

Per the State of Alabama Motor Vehicle Division policy, all applications for vehicle tag issuance must be submitted online.  The title number is required information for the completion of the tag application.  Please contact Jennifer Holt at 844-4762 or in Asset Management with the AU Property number or VIN to obtain this information for your application.  The online registration can be found at

Where should I file the title for my new vehicle?

All titles for Auburn University owned vehicles should be filed in Asset Management.  Any university vehicle title should be forwarded to:

Attn: Jennifer Holt
Asset Management
1415 Pumphrey Ave
Auburn University, AL 36849

Any newly purchased vehicles should be titled to Auburn University and mailed to the above address.

Contact Information

Asset Management
1415 Pumphrey Avenue
Auburn, AL
334-844-4984 Office
Warehouse Inventory Viewing Hours: M-F
7:45 – 11:45
12:45 – 4:45
Office hours: M-F
7:45 – 11:45
12:45 – 4:45

John Corgill
Assistant Director, Asset Management
Gavin Yates
Warehouse, Disposal & Public Sales (GovDeals)
Forrest (Shane) Bearden
Warehouse & Surplus Property Pickups
Jennifer Holt
Asset Auditor & Vehicle Titles
Amy Shonesy
Asset Tagging
Jeff Smith
Asset Auditor