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2023-2024 Cost of Attendance: Other Enrollment Costs

Other Enrollment Costs

In addition to Tuition and Student Services Fees, one or more of these charges below may be added to your eBill account.

Professional Fees, Program Fees, Differential Tuition

These fees are additional charges associated with a student’s specific class enrollment for each term, or major.

Resident Non-resident
College of Architecture, Design, & Construction (per semester) $2,160 $2,160
College of Business FR/SO (per semester) $318 $318
College of Business FR/SO Summer (per semester) $106 $106
College of Business JR/SR (per semester) $637 $637
College of Business JR/SR Summer (per semester) $185 $185
Honors College $250 $250
*College of Nursing – per credit hour $200 $200
College of Engineering FR (per semester) $457 $457
College of Engineering SO/JR/SR/2D (per semester) $799 $799
Hospitality Management (per semester) $515 $515
Interior Design (per semester) $2,219 $2,219
Veterinary Medicine (per semester) $8,542 $8,542
Pharmacy (per semester) $6,000 $6,000
*Nursing Fees

Students in the Nursing program (not pre-nursing) have additional expenses.

Dining Plan

Required minimum dining plans are determined by Campus Dining. Your eBill account for fall and spring will be assessed the appropriate dining charge along with the posting for the semester’s tuition and fees. For more information about specific plans and rates:

2023-24 Meal Plans
Phone: 334-844-8504


University Housing offers accommodations on campus for single undergraduate students.
For more information and specific rental rates:

Housing & Residence Life
Phone: 334-844-4580

Parking Permit

If you will have an automobile/motorcycle on campus, you will need to purchase a parking permit.
For more information:

Parking Services
Phone: 334-844-4143

Medical Insurance

All Auburn University foreign national students and visiting scholars as well as their dependents are required to participate in the AU Group Health Insurance Plan. For more information:

Office of International Programs
Phone: 334-844-5001

Rates are subject to change without notice.