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Tax Forms


Form 1042-S is issued only for those employees who received a federal tax exemption under the provisions of a tax treaty.

If you did not receive an exemption, then you will not receive a 1042-S.

Generally, for those individuals that are employed at Auburn University, the 1042-S tax form and Form W-2 are mailed or uploaded at the same time.

Form 1042-S may also be received by those individuals who had federal taxes withheld on a non-qualified scholarship, travel grant, and/or a prize or award.

Most individuals should receive their forms through their FNIS account. An email notification will be sent when the tax form is uploaded.

If for some reason you do not receive the form electronically, please complete the following form:

Tax 1042-S Reissue Request

Any questions can be sent to:


How to View Your Form W-2 (Active Employees)

  1. Visit AU Access
  2. Sign on with your user name and password
  3. Click on Self Service
  4. Select the Employee tab
  5. Under the Employee Tab, Click on Tax Forms
  6. Click on W-2 Wage and Tax Statement
  7. Enter your Social Security Number (for security purposes)
  8. Click on the year that you wish to review

W-2 Form for Inactive Employees

Please click the link below, and enter your banner ID and full SSN.

For questions/issues with W-2s, please email, or call AU Human Resources at (334) 844-4145 and ask to speak with a member of the payroll team.

  1. Visit AU Access
  2. Sign on with your user name and password
  3. Select the My Finances link
  4. Click on the e Bill icon
  5. Select 1098-T Statement

For questions/issues with 1098-T forms, please email, or call Student Business & Account Services at (334) 844-4634.


For questions/issues with 1099s, please e-mail Ginny Yarbrough at, or call 334-844-3638.

State Tax Returns

The State of Alabama has different tax laws than those of the federal government. Please refer to the State of Alabama Department of Revenue website for instructions and information concerning your State of AL return.  The state of Alabama also has a local taxpayer service center that you may contact with questions concerning your state return.