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Foreign National Information System Frequently Asked Questions by Page

Each field has help buttons to assist in completing the following steps. Click on the gold Question Mark.

Step 1: Basic Information Page
  1. Social Security Number- if you do not have one leave blank
  2. Institution Assigned ID number is your Banner 90 number assigned to you
  3. Payroll/Financial and Student ID/Visa/Foreign Taxpayer ID can be left blank
  4. Student type- Use drop down to select what student status is
  5. Trainee Type – can be left blank
  6. Institutional Information- Department you are employed with or who you have a scholarship with
    Occupation at Institution- leave blank
  7. Save and continue
  8. If it does not save you need to review red highlighted boxes to correct information and then Save with Error Checking
Step 2: Individual Information
  1. Date of birth-format date-month-year
  2. Marital Status- Check marital status . If you select single skip next 3 circles. If you are married, answer questions based on family situation.
  3. Dependents- Do not include spouse when answering these 3 questions. If they are not applicable enter 0 for each question.
  4. Home Phone or Daytime Phone- you can enter cell phone or leave blank
  5. Fax Number- leave blank
  6. Email address should be your AU email address
  7. Date first ever entered the USA- Enter the first date you ever came to the USA, not including visitor visa’s . Use format date-month-year.
  8. Claiming personal exemption is no longer applicable
  9. Save with Error Checking
Step 3: Address Information
  1. Enter US and Foreign Address
  2. Save and Continue
Step 4: Additional Information
  1. Enter Passport/Country of Citizenship, passport number and expiration date
  2. Country of Tax Residence- This is the country in which you were a tax resident during your visit to the US or immediately before coming to the US for this visit.
  3. Self- Employment- leave blank
  4. Other Information Fill in the next 5 questions as they apply to your situation.
  5. Save with Error Checking
Step 5: Visa/Immigration Status History
  1. List All periods of stay in the US since 1985, including any dependent visits you may have entered in.
  2. Add a new record for each entry and exit
  3. Continue
Step 6: Confirmation

If you are ready to submit, click confirmation button and finish