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Refunds may be due for a variety of reasons, such as an overage of financial aid. An unexpected refund could be due to students who pay their bill in full, but then have late class cancellations, schedule changes, academic program changes, etc. It happens more frequently than you may think so be prepared and insure your refund goes to your bank account by signing up for direct deposit.

Students must sign up for Direct Deposit if they expect a refund as refunds are sent by Direct Deposit only.

Receiving Your Refund

The start of the refund process is normally run every Tuesay night and Thursday night. It usually takes a few days before it is deposited into the bank account on file.

Signing up for Direct Deposit
  1. Log in to AU Access
  2. Select the My Finances tab.
  3. In the middle column, you will see “Direct Deposit Information (Fast & Easy Refunds)”. Select this link and follow the instructions

Entering Direct Deposit information requires 2-factor authentication.

Direct Deposit of Student Refunds Policy