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Financial Aid for Summer Term

Summer Financial Aid

The 2023-24 FAFSA is required to determine eligibility for federal grants and loans for summer 2024. Summer financial aid eligibility is reviewed after students register for summer term classes. Students must register at least half time for summer classes prior to review of summer aid eligibility (half time enrollment is 6-8 hours for undergraduates, 5-6 hours for graduate students). Eligible students who have completed all application requirements are notified via AU email approximately one week after registering for summer classes.

Continuing and transfer students who have used their annual loan limits for the previous fall and spring semesters will not have remaining loan eligibility for the summer.

There are opportunities for students to supplement their financial aid package with credit-based loans. Please refer to the PLUS Loans and Non-federal Alternative Loans sections listed on our website.

Summer Bills and Aid Disbursement

For eligible students who have completed all requirements, summer financial aid will begin to disburse the week of May 8. If your aid exceeds your amount due to AU, please be sure to provide your banking account information on your My Finances tab so that we can process your refund timely. If your aid does not meet or exceed your amount due to AU, you are required to pay the difference by the due date or your schedule may be canceled.

Students enrolled half time only for the 2nd summer mini session will not have funds disbursed until just before the start date of the 2nd mini session.

If you enroll in 3 credit hours for the first or full session and 3 credit hours for the 2nd session, your funds will disburse at the beginning of the 1st session. However, if you drop your class for the 2nd mini session, you become less than half time and therefore ineligible for the funds. In this case, funds will be billed back to your account and due

Enrollment Requirements

Enrollment requirements for summer are the same as they are for fall and spring. Students must enroll at least half time for loan funds. Pell Grant disbursements are prorated based on less than half time, half time, three-quarter time, and full time enrollment statuses. Students who received Pell Grant for full time enrollment during fall and spring semesters must enroll at least half time during the summer to receive any Pell Grant funds for the summer. Continuing students must also meet Satisfactory Academic Progress standards.

Undergraduate Enrollment Status
Less than half time 1-5
Half time 6-8
Three Quarter 9-11
Full time 12+

Graduate/Professional Enrollment Status
Less than half time 1-4
Half time 5-6
Three Quarter 7-8
Full time 9+